Get on the Front Page of Google With Articles

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For any given keyword a very high proportion of traffic goes to the top websites, so if your site is not on the front page you’ll get much lower traffic.

There is a wide range of things you can do to optimise your site and to promote it, some of them simple and some of them best left to experts. We’ll be taking a look at some of the methods you can use – if you would like a comprehensive SEO service or some help with individual elements, do contact us.

The first method is below:

Write articles for

In recent research across 60,000 popular keywords, no less than 15% of them had an Ezine article in the top 10 listings.

So, get writing! The Ezine Articles website is very clear about how to write articles and how to add links to your product or website. Make good use of your keywords but let the writing flow, be interesting, demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

Ezine articles are a good source of links and traffic

You win four ways:
1. Your article itself will be ranked in Google
2. You get links to your site, which Google likes
3. You get traffic from the article
4. You can send links to the article (or the article itself) to all your contacts.

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